To improve technical skills and ensure working safety for new welding workers, from May 8 to May 25, THACO INDUSTRIES and THACO College organize the basic MAG (Metal Active Gas) welding techniques training (3 classes) for 30 new employees of the Semi-trailers and Heavy Components Company.


The training course has duration of 40 hours, including 12 hours of theory and 28 hours of practice. The learners are given explanations on the structure, operating principles, classification and use of MAG welding tools and equipment, how to choose materials types (welding gas, electrodes), MAG welding techniques at positions 1F, 1G, 2F, and safety regulations during equipment operations. Meanwhile, they also practice selecting welding modes, protective gas flow in accordance with material thickness and type of welding connection, proper torch oscillation, welds from 1F to 1G, inspect and evaluate weld quality, and detect weld defects. The course ends with a practice test.


Currently, the Semi-trailers and Heavy Components Company is producing and supplying a diverse variety of products to serve Vietnam and major exporting markets, which explains its increased demand for recruitment and training. The basic MAG welding training course would seek to allow new employees to get acquainted with work, ensure product quality, performance and safety, improving the overall production and business efficiency.