To improve productivity, technology content to optimize its production processes, THACO KIA employees have been strongly embracing development activities by continuously launching technical improvement initiatives and applying IT and digital transformation in production and business.


From the beginning of 2023, the factory has finished 232 projects, among which the notable ones were automatic roof welding technology for the roof stamping station; improving and machining jigs to press rear floor frames; improving and machining jigs to engrave VIN for car models; improving the installation of slide rails, balances and hooks for trunks to assemble into car body and more.


In welding the roofs on KIA Seltos and KIA Carnival, it took 2 workers to clamp the roof to the fixture, control the welding robots and use the welding gun, which took a lot of time and manual work. To fix this, Mr. Pham Van Vi, the leader of the plant's Operation and Maintenance team and his members implemented the "Automatic roof welding technology" project which installs a copper bar to fix all robots into one welding transformer; pneumatic valves, sensors, electric wire systems; connects power from the jigs to the PLC cabinet to control the robots; and writes an integrated control program on PLC to prevent missed welding positions. When finished, the project has helped to improve the welding process of the roof and increase product quality, automation in the production line, cut down lead time from 260 seconds to 205 seconds and save nearly VND300 million in investment costs.


At the rear roof frame press station of the welding line, workers used to weld every detail on the jig, which took a lot of time, slowing down the production process. To solve this, Mr. Tran Van Long, foreman of the welding line and his team worked on Improving and machining 3 jigs to press the rear floor frames. The jig to press the rear floor frame is divided into 3 jigs, including one for rear floor frames with 7 details, one for frames with 6 details and a glue jig. Upon completion, the project has increased from 8 to 12 rear floor frames, saved time and more than VND800 million in production costs in 2023.

In the coming time, the THACO KIA Plant continues to invest to improve machines and equipment on its PLC-based automated projects, such as automatic welding gun technology for Kia car roofs; improving the automatic rails for K3 body from Mainbuck to EMS... to improve work efficiency, optimize production processes and product quality.