On July 11, THACO cooperated with Red Cross Society in Thu Duc City to organize the Blood Donation 2023 with 131 participants, in which 121 individuals were eligible and 182 units of blood were collected.


“Blood Donation” is one of THACO’s traditional community activities which have been joined and supported by employees and leaders at THACO and Sub-holdings with great enthusiasm.


Joining the donation for the 6th time, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Kieu, an employee from Sala Estate Management Service Company shared, “Donating blood is meant to save lives, I feel this is a meaningful act of humanity. I am always willing for the donation and highly recommend others to join as well.”


Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh Duong, a legal employee at THACO joined this program for the first time, noted, “For me, this meaningful donation allows me to share with others within my ability. In the future, if my health is good, I will continue to participate."


“After looking into blood donation, I found the program humane and meaningful. Previously, when working at Binh Trieu Bus Dealership, I had already joined such program. This is my third donation”, shared Ms. Hong Duong Khang from Marketing Department of THACO AUTO.


And with 12 times of blood donation, Mr. Hoang Minh Phu, an Import-Export employee of THACO AGRI clearly showed his positivity, saying, "Blood donation is a meaningful program to help other people and I am willing to participate in the program twice a year if my health allows.”


The THACO Blood Donation 2023 will continue through December 2023 across THACO Chu Lai, Sub-holdings and subsidiaries. A total of over 2,500 employees expect to give donation in 2023.