On September 21, the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) delegation, including leaders of its domestic agencies, VOV.VN, VOV National Traffic Channel, authorized by VOV CEO Do Tien Si and VOV Director in central Vietnam, Mr. Pham Tan Tu awarded the For Broadcast medal to THACO President Pham Van Tai.

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The VOV delegation at THACO Office

 At the meeting, THACO President introduced the current production and business activities at THACO and Sub-holdings. After 26 years, THACO has become a multi-industry corporation with 6 Sub-holdings operating in Vietnam's key business sectors. In 2023, THACO enters its new development stage as a multi-industry corporation and celebrates the 20th anniversary of THACO Chu Lai Industrial Park in Quang Nam Province (2003 - 2023). Despite current challenges in the economy, THACO is actively embracing changes, building resources and strengths, upgrading management and paying consistent efforts to fulfill its goals. The Vietnamese corporation has been embracing the value-based philosophy and social responsibility by contributing to the community in education, health care, social welfare, and traffic safety.

THACO President Pham Van Tai is introducing the business and production operations at THACO and Sub-holdings

According to Mr. Pham Tan Tu, although THACO was not a stranger to him, he was amazed and impressed to learn its outstanding development in different industries. In particular, its business operations in Chu Lai, Quang Nam have brought new colors to the barren land. He believes, with "Dedicated Services", THACO will embark on more sustainable paths. The VOV Director also sent his gratitude to THACO for its constant support for the broadcast agency even in the worst times.

Mr. Pham Tan Tu, the VOV Director in central Vietnam is impressed with THACO's fast-paced growth

Receiving the medal, THACO President Pham Van Tai expressed his appreciation for VOV's great support during THACO's development. For many years, the two sides have cooperated in different radio and television programs about social welfare and traffic safety. THACO has been the main sponsor of the "Drive with Joy", one of the programs that connect with the driver community, provides them with useful and safe driving knowledge, and attracts a large number of drivers and radio listeners. Mr. Pham Van Tai emphasized, "The cooperation is not only between a business and a press agency, but also a special one that brings humanity values to the society." He hoped the two sides would have more cooperation programs in future to create new good things in the community.

Mr. Pham Tan Tu is presenting the medal to THACO President

The "For Broadcast" medal is established to honor individuals and collectives who have made positive contributions to the causes of the national public radio. Previously, in 2016, THACO Chairman Tran Ba Duong had also received this meaningful medal.