The Vietnam-Myanmar Friendship Association (VMFA) and the Myanmar-Vietnam Friendship Association (MVFA) joined forces to host a business meeting in Hanoi on May 13. This event aimed to connect Vietnamese and Myanmar businesses, fostering new trade partnerships and laying the groundwork for a prosperous future collaboration.

Attending the program were Mr. Chu Cong Phung, the VMFA Chairman, Mr. U Thet Win, the MVFA Chairman and business representatives from Vietnam and Myanmar. THACO representative, Mr. Lai Kum Seng, President of Thiso Myanmar Complex graced the meeting.

Ông Lai Kum Seng – Tổng Giám đốc Thiso Myanmar Complex phát biểu tại chương trình
 Mr. Lai Kum Seng, President of Thiso Myanmar Complex speaks at the program

During the meeting, the President of Thiso Myanmar Complex, Mr. Lai Kum Seng provided an overview of THACO's investments and business ventures in Myanmar. The presentation highlighted the successful completion of Phase 1 and outlined the plans for Phase 2 of their complex project in Yangon city. "We respectfully request the continued attention and support of the Friendship Associations of both Vietnam and Myanmar to foster an environment that enables THACO to navigate the aforementioned challenges and successfully implement our proposed strategies and plans, contribute to Myanmar's economic growth," he stressed.

Mr. U Thet Win, the MVFA Chairman highlighted Vietnam's impressive economic growth, ranking it as the 7th largest investor in Myanmar. He expressed a strong desire for Myanmar businesses to learn from Vietnamese experience and establish stronger trade partnerships with their Vietnamese counterparts.

Các doanh nghiệp, đại biểu chụp hình lưu niệm
Businesses and delegates at the meeting

This meeting presented a valuable opportunity for THACO to forge new partnerships and expand its business footprint in Myanmar. By strengthening their presence in the region, THACO not only solidifies its position as a key international player but also contributes to fostering a stronger economic relationship between Vietnam and Myanmar.