THACO is recruiting 14,746 new employees across its Sub-holdings (14,685) and headquarters (61) to reach a total of 65,520 employees by the end of 2024.

THACO is building on its Multi-industry Strategy and 5-Year Plan (2023-2027) in its second year of implementation. This year's focus is on human resources, specifically through continued implementation of the Management Upgrade Program and increased recruitment efforts.

THACO guides students at Danang University of Technology's 2023 Job Fair

THACO prioritizes building a strong workforce aligned with its core values, industrial management practices, and the global business landscape. This commitment extends to each industry's unique needs. In hiring, THACO seeks individuals who demonstrate a positive attitude, strong leadership and professional skills, adaptability, and a cultural fit with the organization.

 THACO AGRI partners with Tra Vinh University for consulting and recruitment workshop

THACO fosters future leadership through a combination of internal talent development through "elite" leadership development programs and strategic external recruitment. This comprehensive approach ensures a skilled and ethical leadership team with the necessary management expertise for the future.

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THACO leaders reward outstanding teams and individuals in 2023

THACO is enhancing work management across THACO and its Sub-holdings by implementing a comprehensive, methodical, and data-driven approach based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This aims to motivate employee development, increase compensation, and foster innovation and labor productivity.