Dong Nai Newspaper awarded scholarships to 50 students on Nov. 24, sponsored by THACO. Representing the corporation, Mr. Nguyen Mot, THACO Corporate Culture & Communications Director attended the ceremony.


Fifty scholarships were awarded to underprivileged elementary and high school students in Dong Nai province who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement despite challenging circumstances.


"THACO has been a proud sponsor of this scholarship program for the past 14 years, and we are committed to continuing our support," stated Mr. Nguyen Mot, THACO's Corporate Culture & Communications Director, during the ceremony. "We firmly believe that by working together, Dong Nai Newspaper and THACO can provide constant support to these students, enabling them to persevere through challenges and achieve their educational goals."


Since 2009, THACO has been a closed partner of Dong Nai Newspaper, providing sponsorship for the past 14 consecutive years. Over this period, THACO has contributed nearly VND3.2 billion, enabling the awarding of over 1,600 scholarships to deserving students and extending organizational support. Through this fund, THACO aims to provide the best learning environment for students while upholding its commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.


The Dong Nai Newspaper Scholarship, established in January 2001, has been operated for the past 21 years. The program has witnessed remarkable growth and garnered immense support from local businesses and organizations, enabling countless individuals to pursue their educational aspirations and aim for brighter futures. Over the past two decades, the scholarship has awarded 2,671 students, disbursing a total of nearly VND4.5 billion in financial aid.