THACO serves as the main sponsor for the 7th season of "Quang Nam Students" TV show, which kicks off with an Opening Ceremony on May 12. The event is organized by the Quang Nam Provincial Department of Education and Training in collaboration with the Provincial Radio and Television Station.

Đại diện THACO, ông Đoàn Đạt Ninh - Phó Tổng Giám đốc THACO AUTO phụ trách Khối Sản xuất tham dự chương trình
Mr. Doan Dat Ninh, THACO AUTO Production Vice President attends the opening ceremony of "Quang Nam Students" 2024

Provincial dignitaries, including Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, the Vice Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee and leaders from the Department of Education and Training, joined teachers and high school students from the province at the ceremony. A representative of THACO, Mr. Doan Dat Ninh, the THACO AUTO Production Vice President, was also present.

Quang Nam Students is a year-long intellectual challenge for high schoolers in Quang Nam province. The TV show has 13 contests spreading throughout the year. These include 9 monthly contests, 3 quarterly challenges, and a final championship round. Each contest will have teams of 4 students battling it out.

Ban Tổ chức tặng hoa và cờ lưu niệm cho các nhà tài trợ
The program sponsors receive flowers from the organizer

This year's program features exciting new content and formats, making it even more appealing to students and schools across Quang Nam province. The program goes beyond academics, helping students develop their knowledge and skills while also inspiring them to give back to their community.

THACO's 7-year commitment to the program is about creating a valuable learning environment for students. By supporting the program, THACO hopes to ignite students' curiosity and inspire a thirst for knowledge, help discover and nurture the hidden talents of Quang Nam's young minds.