On January 9, Tien Phong Newspaper and the Vietnam Youth Talent Fund co-hosted the "Valedictorian" scholarship 2023 with THACO proudly serving as one of its main sponsors. THACO Corporate Culture & Communications Director Nguyen Mot graced the ceremony.

New students receive the "Valedictorian" scholarships sponsored by THACO.

120 brilliant Vietnamese students defied hardship and aced their university entrance exams, earning them the prestigious "Valedictorian" scholarships. In addition, on this occasion, 13 previous scholarship recipients were also recognized for their sustained academic excellence, ensuring their journeys continue, powered by unwavering support.

Mr. Nguyen Mot is presenting scholarships to good-achievers in the university entrance exam, who are living in difficult circumstances.

For six years, over 600 outstanding students from universities across Vietnam, stretching from Thua Thien Hue to the southern provinces, have received scholarships exceeding VND 8 billion and precious gifts from Tien Phong Newspaper. This dedication transcends mere financial support, seeking to ignite young minds with the confidence to blaze their own trails and, in turn, illuminate the nation's future.

Since 2020, THACO has proudly stood side by side with the "Valedictorian" scholarship program. Their mission is twofold: to cultivate fertile learning grounds for Vietnam's brightest minds and to ignite the flames of knowledge and self-improvement in each new generation. This commitment to education reflects THACO's deep-seated sense of responsibility – a cornerstone in their mission to build the nation's future scholars.