Trailers and Heavy Steel Structures Company (Thaco Trailers), a subsidiary of THACO INDUSTRIES has officially launched its modern and user-friendly website at, offering fast and convenient digital user experience.


The website provides comprehensive information about the company, covering its production technologies, processes, product categories, research and development activities as well as details on events and services.

Designed in THACO INDUSTRIES' signature blue color, the website has a well-structured layout which guides users through key sections like company introduction, technology, products, dealerships, and contact information, each of which is accompanied by simple icons. These visual cues allow users to easily navigate the website and gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations. In particular, users can update the company’s latest news in the “News” section. The website is available in English and Vietnamese to keep domestic and foreign users informed, broadening its customer base.

The website is compatible with various devices, e.g. laptops, smartphones, tablets and used with Windows, Android or iOS, ensuring fast access speed. To enhance user convenience, the page incorporates a location finder that updates distribution networks and dealerships nationwide and worldwide, facilitating customers to easily choose the nearest product supplier, saving their time.


Additionally, the website offers an online chat feature that integrates with messaging platforms like Messenger, Zalo, or users can even connect via phone calls for quick consultations. All customer information and inquiries are forwarded to the company’s email, guaranteeing data security.

Along with the new website, Thaco Trailers has also launched a LinkedIn account at which shares engaging and informative content, keeping partners, customers, and employees abreast of the latest developments, news, and insights in a timely and convenient manner.