In THACO AUTO's business strategy, in 2023, THACO Truck Plant is manufacturing the new generation THACO Frontier trucks, including TF220/TF230 light-duty trucks, TF420V/TF450V/TF480V vans. To improve the production competence and satisfy product technical requirements, the factory's welding team has successfully designed and manufactured the welding lines for the two truck lineups.


Each welding line has main parts, including cabin press welding main jigs, welding guns, transformers and supporting systems to match the product profiles. In particular, the welding jigs are equipped with automatic welding spot positioning technology while the welding guns can control the power current, welding time and pressure, thereby ensuring the weld quality evenly and firmly at all joint positions on the cabin.


In addition, both lines for light trucks and vans integrate sensors that connect to the factory's SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to control the operation of the welding machines, the welding times on each gun and timely issue maintenance warnings for the guns if needed. After the installation, the engineers have tested, evaluated and adjusted the specifications to ensure stable, efficient and effective operation. Finally, the welds on the cabin, tested on the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) have met the quality standards of the THACO Frontier trucks.


The successful manufacture of the two welding lines for THACO Frontier trucks has demonstrated the innovation and technology expertise at THACO Truck Plant. The project has also contributed to increase the efficiency and product quality at each stage, saving more than VND5 billion in investment, new line and machine installation, and meeting the 2023 production plan.