In March 2023, THACO Youth Union partnered with local authorities to organize meaningful and practical social activities, spreading the young spirit of enthusiasm and volunteerism in the communities.


On Mar. 25 and 26, THACO and THACO AUTO Youth Unions participated in the cultural exchange at the Eastern Base and the Southern Central Department in Dong Nai Province. On the trip, the union members learned about the operation and construction history of Tri An hydropower plant, a youth union project in the 20th century. The group also participated in camping with other members from Dong Nai Business Union 2023, establishing an exchanging playground for union members to meet and exchange their own experiences in production and business.


In Quang Nam, THACO Chu Lai Youth Union presented the project installing lights for a 1.5-kilometer road near the border to Nam Giang District on Mar. 2, or a project installing lights along the countryside road, and support planting gardens for disadvantaged young people in Nui Thanh district on Mar. 4. The Youth Union also organized "Clean Saturday" to clean the production area or the machines, or "200 hours of occupational safety" to educate and raise the awareness and compliance with safety regulations. Besides, the Youth Union also launched the Clothes Donation from Mar. 18 through May 2023.

Expectedly, in April 2023, THACO Trade Union and Youth Union will donate more than 1.5 tons of clothes to the agricultural complex workers living in Tonle Sap (Cambodia) and 200 learning kits for children from Snoul Complex in Cambodia.

Tuổi-trẻ-THACO-Sôi-nổi-các-hoạt-động-Tháng-Thanh-niên-2023-3 Tuổi-trẻ-THACO-Sôi-nổi-các-hoạt-động-Tháng-Thanh-niên-2023-4

The youth projects during the Youth Month have made practical contributions to social welfare, traffic safety, socio-economic development in the provinces, at the same time creating an environment for young people to contribute and grow, embrace their good values, improve the image and quality of the Youth Union.