From the 18th floor of SOFIC building, through the glass, I suddenly caught sight of a worker carefully cleaning each pane of glass from the outside. The two smiled at each other. THACO employees here all understand that in order to get that friendly smile, there were many times when my heart skipped a beat with the "swinging" performance of the staff in THADICO's overhead cleaning team. The characters that at SOFIC people often call "spider-man".


It's not hard to see why overhead cleaning is one of the most risky jobs in the world. Because fear of heights is one of the most common human fears. But it is not only not afraid of heights to be able to do this job, but the employees here must also be in good physical condition. For that reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that THADICO's overhead cleaning team are special people. The recruitment of personnel to meet the job requirements since then also has strict standards from age (20-45 years old), health (withstands hot weather, no vestibular disorders and diseases). in cardiology) to work experience (having skills to work at height and supporting tools).

Leaving aside the issue of height, there are still many interesting things to do when cleaning the exterior of buildings, projects, and works of THACO and its member companies. It is the feeling of freedom when you are free in the middle of a large space, a little pride in doing a job that many people fear and a lot of memories with ropes and glass windows.


Mr. Le Thanh Lam - Head of Housekeeping Cleaning Services of THADICO said: "Last year, when the staff were cleaning the glass on the 17th floor, suddenly the sky suddenly pulled clouds and the wind was very strong, forcing us to hurry down. During the descent, the wind was stronger, causing the swing and lifeline to intertwine. About 4 brothers and sisters hovering high above are extremely dangerous. In that situation, I admired everyone's calmness and bravery. The support staff on the ground untangled the ropes for the brothers to slowly climb down, the situation was critical, but everyone's expression was still orderly. At that time, I also realized the importance of the support team on the ground. The cleaning brothers on high are also more secure every time they work."

To ensure safety, in addition to the swing attached to the body, the overhead cleaning staff always have a lifeline next to them. The plan to check the employee's health, the strength of the pillars and the quality of the wire is always strictly implemented before each work.


Mr. Diep Thanh Trung - Team leader of the overhead cleaning team shared: "Even though I had the guts to choose this job, I was scared when I first joined the profession. First time doing it on high, looking down from the 22nd floor, you will see a pale face. The only thing that can be done is to put faith in this swing, thinking that the rope is sure, with more lifelines, how can there be an accident, then I will stop being afraid. When I get used to it, sometimes going to the ground makes me miss the feeling of being on high, I just want to do it higher, but I don't like it too low."

Overhead cleaning, the job sounds simple but full of fun and requires workers to be firm and courageous. Thank you to THADICO's "spiders" who have contributed to wearing a clean, shiny coat for THACO's high-rise buildings, projects and urban areas.