On October 24, the Import-Export Department of Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade, in collaboration with the Gia Lai Provincial People's Committee, organized the conference "Logistics Solutions in Gia Lai Province" to explore ways to develop logistics services, the logistics network, and favorable conditions to promote trade, services, and exports in the province. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vien, Director of THILOGI Trucking in the Central Highlands attended the conference.


The conference was attended by 300 experts, guests, and logistics businesses from Gia Lai Province. Delegates exchanged views and discussed the current state of logistics development, import-export, e-commerce, regulations, policies, and investment orientations in infrastructure development and logistics service business activities, as well as solutions to support and encourage logistics development in the region. On October 23, as part of the program, the Gia Lai Department of Industry and Trade dispatched a working group to conduct a site survey of Le Thanh Border Checkpoint and the planned logistics center in Gia Lai.


At the conference, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vien gave a presentation on the company's comprehensive logistics service model and its logistics network in Gia Lai Province. He highlighted the province's potential for developing cross-border transportation activities and proposed projects to establish inland container depots (ICD) in Gia Lai to connect and promote inter-regional economic development.


THILOGI currently transports nearly 30 shipments per month through Le Thanh border checkpoint, including a variety of goods such as agricultural products, livestock, agricultural supplies, animal feed, and mechanical equipment. Mr. Vien expressed his hope that Gia Lai province would continue to develop solutions to expand the scale and upgrade logistics infrastructure, as well as implement investment and support policies, to help businesses maximize their operating capacity and contribute to local economic and social development.