THILOGI conducted a fire and rescue drill at Chu Lai Port, THILOGI Transportation and Packaging Companies for 450 employees from March 29 to April 12.

Buổi diễn tập có sự phối hợp giữa lực lượng chữa cháy THILOGI và THACO Chu Lai
The drill has the participation of fire prevention teams from THILOGI and THACO Chu Lai

The drill included hands-on practice using on-site firefighting tools, deploying firefighting squads with unit fire trucks, and administering first aid to simulated victims. The scenario was welding slag from workers at gate No.9 during construction of warehouses 6A and 7A could ignite packaging materials, causing a major fire with risk to nearby warehouses. During the drill, employees collaborated with the THACO Chu Lai Fire Fighting Team to extinguish a simulated fire, administer first aid to victims, and prioritize safety while minimizing damage.

CBNV được phổ biến tình huống giả định trước khi diễn tập
Employees are listening to the scenario before the drill
CBNV thực hành sử dụng các dụng cụ, thiết bị chữa cháy
Employees are practicing using fire equipment

To prepare for the drill, THILOGI offered theoretical classes on fire prevention, firefighting tools, and emergency response procedures, equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to act effectively.

Di chuyển nạn nhân ra khỏi đám cháy và thực hiện sơ cứu
A victim is transported away from the fire to receive first aid

The successful fire drill, marked by strong inter-unit collaboration, equipped employees with fire prevention and response skills. This will enhance fire management and minimize losses during emergencies, safeguarding personnel, property, and operations – especially crucial during the hot season.