The company is the provider of multiple services: packing, inspecting, code generation, storage, transportation of components, handling of waste materials and also the producer of pallets, storage shelves to serve goods storage and transportation needs. The company has equipped itself with a system of modern vehicles, equipment and machines, e.g. trucks, electric trailers, electric forklifts, cranes, trolley racks, etc. and applies ISO 9001 quality standards. Besides the advanced equipment and machines, the company also pays attention to improve production and eliminate wastes to cut costs, improve productivity and quality of products and services.

Since the beginning of 2023, the company has carried out nearly 100 projects in waste elimination that have helped save time, labor, and improved production and business efficiency. The notable projects were improving the inspection process for dashboards on Kia KY, improving the inspection process for rear axles of KIA SP2, KY, making new shelves for 4 types of door linings on KIA NQ5.

Mr. Tran Van Ba, the KIA vehicle inspection line manager

Mr. Tran Van Ba, the KIA vehicle inspection line manager said, “With embraced creativity, from the beginning of the year, we have completed 25 improvement projects. In May alone, there were 5 improvements. Our most outstanding project was Improving the use of scanners to scan and export goods by Mr. Tran Van Lich, a Goods Delivery team lead. The project has helped to improve productivity, increase automation in goods inspection, and save more than VND180 million in 2023.

Mr. Tran Van Lich, a Goods Delivery team lead

Besides male employees, the females in the company have also contributed their share with different useful projects. A typical example was Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan, a worker in the Wood Recycling team of the Packing workshop. At the finished wood storage area, realizing that the wooden panels are contained in a wooden frames which take up a lot of area and apparently, not safe, she came up with a 2-storey metallic shelf to increase storage area, save warehouse space, increase safety and aesthetics. She shared, “Our job requires excellent storage and preservation of goods. So spotting inadequacies at work, it requires us to constantly look for new solutions to improve, contributing to the accomplishment of our shared goals and plans."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan, a worker in the Wood Recycling team of the Packing workshop

To meet the diverse customer requirements, the company continues to invest in more equipment, increase the automation content at its production lines, and also motivate creativity to improve production and business efficiency, thus providing customers with quality products and services at competitive costs.