In Quang Nam province, the Traffic Safety Committee hosted a combined program to pay respects to victims of traffic accidents in 2023 and educate teenagers in Phuoc Son district about traffic laws, with sponsorship provided by THILOGI.


Representatives of families of traffic accident victims joined over 100 teachers and students from Kham Duc High School and Phuoc Son Ethnic Boarding School to attend the ceremony. During the event, THILOGI and the Traffic Safety Committee donated 100 helmets to students in the mountainous region, aiming to prevent and reduce traffic accidents and promote traffic safety awareness among teenagers.


Mr. Bui Vinh Vu, THILOGI Trucking Vice President expressed his hope that the standard helmets donated by the company would become a companion for students, ensuring their safety on the roads. Through this activity, THILOGI aims to contribute to building awareness of traffic safety regulations among children from a young age, working together to prevent accidents and promote safe driving culture.