In August, THILOGI transported nearly 6,000 cattle for partners and customers, including 3,600 Australia-imported cows from Quy Nhon Port to THACO AGRI’s Ia Puch complex in Gia Lai province, more than 2,000 breeding cows from Vietnam to THACO AGRI farms in Laos and Cambodia and 250 for Dien Hong company in Gia Lai. The animals were delivered to their destinations quickly and safely thanks to professional transportation procedures in line with livestock transportation technical standards.


To enhance transport effectiveness, THILOGI has arranged seasoned drivers and supervisors, planned suitable routes and transport trucks for each type of livestock. The trip status is updated real-time on the software so that customers can easily have access to. As planned, the company aims to transport nearly 53,000 cattle and over 99,700 tons of animal feed for Vietnam and foreign businesses, a 187% increase compared to 2022.