On April 25, 55 students majoring in Economics and Engineering from Myanmar Noble University embarked on a visit to Thiso Myanmar Complex to gain valuable insights into the company's business activities, operational processes, and overall development.

Ban Lãnh đạo Thiso Myanmar Complex chụp ảnh cùng sinh viên
Thiso Myanmar Complex leadership and the students

During their visit to Thiso Myanmar Complex, the students received a comprehensive overview of the company's operations. Mr. Daniel Mista, the Complex's Managing Director provided insights into the business model and operational procedures, while also sharing real-life business cases for practical learning. Additionally, Ms. Zin Mar Thet Mon, the Corporate Culture and Communications Manager offered a firsthand perspective on THACO and its Sub-holdings' vision, mission, and core values.

The Complex creates opportunities for students to apply for internships

In addition to the visit, Thiso Myanmar Complex provides internship opportunities, opening doors for potential future employment within the company.

Looking ahead, Thiso Myanmar Complex aims to equip students in the Commerce and Service fields with valuable soft skills through a range of internship programs and immersive practical experiences.