On September 8, at Sala Football Stadium, the THISO Sports Festival 2023 continued with swimming, running, and tug-of-war competitions. Despite the heavy rains, the athletes tried their best, fueled by the loud cheers from the crowds.


THISO Alliance, THISO Retail 1 & 2, and Service 1 & 2 participated in swimming, running, and tug-of-war. Mr. Tran Phuoc Nam from THISO Retail Merchandise Department shared, "The strength sport games were the most emotional as it was raining so hard, but we kept the games going. After the games, strong sense of unity was truly felt among THISO Retail, THISO, and THACO employees."


Although the weather was not favorable, the fans from THISO and THACO were still present at the stadium to support the teams. Ms. Nguyen Thi Kieu Giang, a Merchandise Supervisor of the Household Goods shared, "I often sit in the office all day. So these outdoor activities are an opportunity for me to socialize and release stress at work. I was really impressed as I used to think the colleagues would be weak and frail, I didn't expect that everyone would be on fire at the event."


Previously, 24 pairs had engaged in exciting badminton matches, after which 6 pairs advanced to the finals in the men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles categories.


Expectedly, at THISO Sports Festival 2023 closing ceremony this week, the football final between THISO Retail 1 and TCT Service 2 will take place to find the champion for the year.