On May 30, the ZIM executive team, led by Mr. Eli Glickman, its President and CEO visited and had a working session with THILOGI. Welcoming the guests were Mr. Bui Minh Truc, THILOGI President and Mr. Doan Dat Ninh, THACO AUTO Vice President in Chu Lai.


At the meeting, the guests were introduced to the production and business activities of THACO and THILOGI, its logistics services, investment and development projects at Chu Lai port, etc. The 2 sides also discussed the market size, the import and export capabilities in central Vietnam and the Central Highlands, and suggested solutions to increase the throughput by making the most use of direct cargo routes to Chu Lai Port in the near future.


Mr. Eli Glickman, the ZIM CEO showed his interest in the infrastructure development, especially how the parties would coordinate in handling ship operation and receiving. He also expressed the hopes to strengthen the partnership with THILOGI to increase cargo transportation to Chu Lai port once the 50,000-ton terminal is put into operation.

ZIM is one of the top 10 international shipping lines in the world, owning 138 ships. Currently, THILOGI is cooperating with the company in transporting goods on routes from Chu Lai to major ports in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.